COM-PLI-ANCE : “conformity in fulfilling official requirements”

-Implementing CyberSecurity, Data Privacy and Resiliency enterprise-wide, incorporating a governance and risk-management program that generally includes : Continuous monitoring, technology controls, mobile security, encryption, policies, procedures and plans, access controls, awareness training, vendor / supply chain management, deep system scans, risk assessments, remediation, redundant backups, disaster recovery.  Regularly.  And more.

-Executing it according to your industry laws, regulations and contractual obligations.

-Keeping up with ever-changing requirements

-And having the Data and Documentation to prove it.



April 2020 : Florida Orthopaedic Institute data breach exposed 640,000 records. $99M lawsuit in process

March 2020 : 1-Doctor practice paid $100,000 fine, for failure to conduct an “accurate and thorough” risk analysis, and failure to implement adequate data security measures

May 2019 : Tennessee Medical Imaging paid $3 Million penalty, for exposing > 300,000 patient records, failure to conduct an “accurate and thorough” risk analysis

Cottage Health’s insurer refused to pay $9.1M penalty, finding CH non-compliant with their cyber-insurance policy requirements

Stryker COMPLIANCE-AS-A-SERVICE helps you seamlessly maintain and demonstrate your regulatory compliance…and protect your revenues, reputation and patient / customer trust.

You need accurate information for decisions, more control of your IT environment, lower risks and greater ability to focus on other things, and our services will give you the data protection plus the reporting you will need to validate data security effectiveness, pass an audit, survive an investigation, or defend in a lawsuit.

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