Stryker Networks

Here at Stryker Networks we value relationships and connections, integrity and quality work. Since 2013, Stryker has established itself as a trusted IT managed services and database application provider serving the Chicagoland area.

Our co-founders, Tom Donohue and Mark Greene, met through a mutual friend over thirteen years ago. Tom, who owned KSR Software, LLC and Mark, who owned MGA Consulting, identified a growing need for quality IT managed services designed specifically for the small to mid-sized company. Over time they started Stryker Networks and, in 2013, merged their extensive experience and two companies to create this premier IT managed services and database application provider.

In 2016, we were pleased to welcome the employees and clients of Digital Services Corporation into the Stryker family. Having had a close working relationship with DSC since 1986, we were excited to integrate the resources and methodologies of the two companies in expanding our ability to serve our clients.

Stryker Networks aims to help you score all your business goals and defend your company against IT threats.

Striker /noun/. A position in soccer that links defense with offense through teamwork, ball control, and passing. They both attack and defend and are often the team’s primary scoring threat.

We believe being a premier IT services provider is much like being an excellent striker in soccer —it involves being defensive and pressing forward. As soccer coaches, Tom and Mark understand how to do this and coach others as well. That means being skilled at what we do best to help you perform at your best through teamwork, clear communication, and clarified goals, all designed to help you win.

Offering a range of services, from complex infrastructure design, implementation, and management to remote monitoring and support, Stryker Networks keeps your data safe and tailors IT solutions that will ensure your company scores every goal you set. We do this for a set monthly fee and work with you without the technical jargon that can sometimes be confusing. With Stryker on your team, you can work in confidence knowing that your IT needs will be met allowing you to do what you do best.

We call that a win/win.