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Does this sound familiar?

You have an in-house IT department but its just one or two engineers that handle the majority of user issues and routine system maintenance. They report to the CFO or Director of Operations because a full time CIO isn’t cost justified.

This organizational structure is great for normal operations, but who is insuring that best practices are being implemented? Who is designing and reviewing the strategic plan to make sure that your company is keeping pace with changing technology?

A Stryker virtual CIO can help you bridge the gap between setting/managing business goals and smooth daily IT operations. We can also help you with the additional personnel needed for short term projects such as server upgrades, office opening/moves, and workstation refreshes.

Managed Services

Do you struggle to compete with larger companies that have fully staffed IT departments? Like them, you need a CIO, System Engineering, and Help Desk Support, but how do you economically justify the staff needed to meet these requirements?

Have you been frustrated with recruiting and retaining qualified Network Professionals to manage your IT infrastructure? In today’s market, seasoned professionals command a high salary and shun lower end tasks, while lower-cost candidates lack the experience to effectively manage higher level demands. Then you wonder what to do when they are sick, on vacation, or leave abruptly.

Stryker Networks provides you with a full IT-department with managed services ranging from CIO expertise to help desk support. We never get sick. We have the qualified engineers to deliver industry-leading resources to your organization.

We pride ourselves in remaining at the forefront of industry trends and solutions. We look forward to  partnering with you; exceeding your expectations and achieving your goals.

  • 24×7 Live remote technical support from Stryker employees
  • Implementation and testing of backup plans
  • Server Monitoring and Patching
  • Vendor Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Wireless Management
  • Develop and implementation of Business Continuity Plan
  • Priority SLA response times
  • Annual Network Audit of Corporate Assets
  • Regular Audits and Reviews of network performance
  • Workstation Monitoring and Patching
  • BYOD Monitoring (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Quarterly Network Security Audits
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Cyber Security

A security policy is only as valuable as the knowledge and efforts of those who adhere to it. With this in mind, establishing principles for security awareness and conducting subjective security training are integral endeavors for any size business. Security awareness ensures that users are familiar with potential threat mechanisms, while training teaches them the strategies they employ to prevent or respond to these threats.

A meaningful security awareness and training program explains areas of caution, identifies appropriate security policies and procedures that need to be followed, and discusses any sanctions that might be imposed due to lack of compliance. Accountability originates from a well-informed, well-trained workforce.

It is said that “security is a journey and not a destination.” Because new vulnerabilities, risks, and hacks arise on a regular basis, new technological developments require continuous updating of security awareness and training guidelines.

Stryker Networks has the expertise to provide your company with all the required training, security policy implementation, and safe guards to protect your company from Cyber attacks and minimize the risk of security breaches. Stryker Networks can provide your company with a complementary Network Security Audit, a $2,500.00 value, to see if your company is at risk for a Cyber-Attack. Please fill out the contact form below for a complementary Network Security Audit.

Business Intelligence

Today’s companies store Terabytes worth of data: accounting, inventory, web traffic, customer information, etc. With the low costs of data storage and high-speed processing, the issue is no longer one of having the data…it’s what to do with it. Stryker Networks’ developers have been designing state of the art business solutions for over thirty years. While the technology has changed, the business goals remain the same: how do I use my data to make better business decisions? Are there hidden trends and opportunities that I can seize before my competition? Are there areas where I can reduce cost without impacting my productivity and value proposition?

From basic reporting to digital dashboards, Stryker uses the latest development software in designing intuitive, efficient windows into the hidden drivers within your business.

Development Services

  • I need to translate large customer-supplied Excel files into purchase orders and invoices. I use QuickBooks for my accounting and it doesn’t handle this. Can you help?
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield are requiring me to submit my patient encounter data in accordance with a specific file structure. My Medical Case Management software doesn’t have an EMR component that can comply. Can you build a report generator to extract the files in the needed format?
  • We have a niche legal practice that requires specific and unique reporting. There doesn’t appear to be a canned legal management package that properly addresses our requirements. Can you build us an application that will effectively meet our management and reporting goals?
  • Our ERP system has a web component, but it doesn’t interface with eBay and Amazon. Can you build a bridge to interface these sites with our management software?

These are but a few of the scenarios that Stryker has remedied over the years. Successful development projects rely on the combination of proper coding practices and strong business insight. Our lead developers have years of experience in non-IT related industries. They apply this expertise in translating your business goals into technical specifications and productive software tools.

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